2023-03-10 Welcome

Welcome to Easy Flight Log. Join today and create your free account to easily and securely log flights and maintenance for your drone, RC plane, RC helicopter and any other aircraft that you have. We have created this secure online portal that works on mobile phones, tablets and desktops to ensure that you always have your log book with you. At the field, on the road or at home.

As the rules and regulations change in Canada, the US and globally, Easy Flight Log provides a flexible yet powerful platform to help you meet your flying requirements.

One of the great benefits to maintenance logs and unlimited length notes for each of your aircraft is the ability to have the full history for it including total airtime. Our dashboard graphs showing pilot flight times by the day and month, with year over year comparison, is also a fun way to see your flying experience. Happy flying!

2023-03-01 Easy Flight Log

I have been flying RC planes since I was a kid. With the recent changes in the hobby I recongnised the need for an easy logging solution. Leveraging the secure web technology that my company has been deploying for years in the financial industry enabled us to implement an easy, secure and robust solution. Happy flying!

Richard Vienneau, B. Eng.
Dinamikos Technology