Hi, my name is Richard and I have been flying RC since I was a teenager. I saved up and bought my first plane when I was 14. I joined the Mississauga Model Flying Club (MMFC) and thanks to the amazing instructors at the club received my wings around a year later. Considering that I had a low wing sports plane modeled after a WW2 fighter speaks volumes for their patience. Thank you Bruce, Erik and George. My first job was at Hobby Hobby in Streetsville and it was fantastic to have a job working with the hobby that I loved. A couple years after graduating high school I went to Ryerson University for Electrical Engineering and received my bachelors degree in 1997. In 1999 I started Dinamikos Technology.


Dinamikos Technology develops payment and point of sale solutions. Since 1999 the majority of our projects have been focused on payment terminal applications. We have developed gift, loyalty and payment applications for a wide variety of payment terminal hardware including Verifone, Ingenico, Lipman, Hypercom, Gemalto and more. We have outlived even some of the largest terminal vendors. Today we work with newer platforms such as PAX, Clover, Poynt and others, along with POS-n-go, a point of sale solution that is deployed coast to coast in Canada. Working with Secure PIN Entry Devices (SPED) and secure web portals requires us to have intimate knowledge of security protocols, procedures and requirements including PCI, PCI DSS, PCI PTS, OWASP and others.

Easy Flight Log

I created Easy Flight Log because of the recent changes in the hobby in Canada. Since I must now log every flight and maintenance event I decided to make a secure web portal that would make the process easy while providing some graphical insight into my flying time. I leveraged the same software stack that I use for a secure web portal and in a short time the solution was live. From a security perspective we use SSL to protect your data while in transit to our servers which are located in secure data centers in Canada. Data is backed up daily between the data centres which are located in different provinces to provide georedundancy. From a data ownership perspective it is your data and is owned solely by you. You can export aircraft maintenance logs in the Aircraft section which is perfect for model ownership changes. You can export all your logs, both flight and maintenance, in the Flight Log section. Exports use standard CSV and can be imported into your favorite spreadsheet.


These days you will find me flying in the beautiful East Kootenays of BC. To all the instructors out there who volunteer their time to train students, thank you. To all the people who volunteer their time to cut the grass at the local club field, or organize a fun fly, or participate on their club board, or give their time in any way to advance the hobby, thank you.


Richard Vienneau, B. Eng.